Quiz de Língua Inglesa (13) para os anos finais

Prova online de (13) de Inglês de Interpretação de Texto para os anos finais.

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Quiz de Língua Inglesa

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Leia o texto e responda às questões 1 e 2. 

Pianist plays in the mountains 

Lang Lang is a Chinese pianist. He plays in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. The Bernese Alps are very tall mountains. 
Lang Lang plays at 4,158 meters at Jungfraujoch. The highest railway station in Europe is there. It is very cold there. It is not good for a pianist. His fingers are cold. Happily, Lang Lang enjoys the performance very much. The view from the mountain is beautiful. 
Lang Lang plays three songs. He wants people to be interested in Asian music. He also wants to help the European and Chinese cultures get closer. 


  (CAEd) O assunto desse texto é

(CAEd) Esse texto foi escrito para

Leia o texto e responda às questões 3 e 4. 

The Trees We See 

What kinds of trees are near you? There are about 1,000 different tree species in the United States. These are four of the most common. They are native to the U.S. The white oak is large and strong. It can live for 300 years. Its acorns are an important food source for turkeys, woodpeckers, and rabbits. Deer eat some parts of these trees, too. 
The red maple is a very common tree in eastern North America. Its leaves turn red in the fall. 
Squirrels eat its seeds. Deer and rabbits eat its leaves and shoots. The sugar maple is known for its fall colors. It’s also known for its sap, which is used to make syrup. White-tailed deer eat its twigs and leaves. Porcupines eat its bark. 
The Douglas fir is a popular kind of Christmas tree. […] Birds, squirrels, and rabbits eat its seeds. It provides shelter for many animals. 


  (CAEd) De acordo com esse texto, a árvore que pode viver até 300 anos é a

(CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “The white oak is large and strong.” (2º parágrafo), o termo destacado indica

Leia o texto e responda às questões 5 e 6. 

Earth Day 2022: “Invest In Our Planet” For A Brighter Future 

On April 22, 2022, over a billion people worldwide will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. The modern environmental movement began on April 22, 1970, when US lawmaker Gaylord Nelson mobilized more than 20 million people to demonstrate support for environmental protection. 
The Earth Day Network (EDN), which now boasts over 50,000 partners in over 190 countries, has led to the passage of landmark environmental laws both in the United States (US) and globally. […]


  (CAEd) De acordo com esse texto, em 2022, a comemoração do “dia da Terra” celebra

(CAEd) Nesse texto, a terminação destacada na palavra “globally” foi usada para

Leia o texto e responda às questões 7 e 8. 


  (CAEd) Entende-se desse texto que

(CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “... because you are a cat”, a expressão destacada indica

Leia o texto e responda às questões 9 e 10. 


  (CAEd) Entende-se desse texto que

(CAEd) Nesse texto, a terminação da palavra “fluffier” foi usada para

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