Quiz de Língua Inglesa (05) para os anos finais

Prova online (05) de Inglês de Interpretação de Texto para os anos finais.

É necessário resolver todas as questões para gerar o resultado. Boa sorte!

Quiz de Língua Inglesa

Exibir respostas somente após resolver todas as questões:

Leia o texto abaixo. 

 Love the dog 


(CAEd) Entende-se desse texto que

Leia o texto abaixo. 

 A Rare Bear 

 Scientists at the Wolong National Nature Reserve, in China, have made an unusual discovery. With a motion-activated camera, they caught an image of an all-white bear trudging1 through the forest. The creature may look like a polar bear, but it’s not. Scientists believe they have the world’s first image of a rare albino panda. The photograph was taken in April and released this past weekend. [...] 

 KATZMAN, Rebecca

(CAEd) O assunto desse texto é

Leia e responda às questões 3 e 4. 

 CRAIG, Jimmy. They Can Talk 

  (CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “My name’s Kevin”, a expressão em destaque foi utilizada para

(CAEd) A partir da leitura desse texto, entende-se que

Leia o texto e responda às questões 5 – 7. 

 Kevin’s Car 

 Kevin likes cars. He reads about cars in magazines and he watches shows about cars on TV. His head is full of cars! 
He tells his parents, “Please, please, please, could you buy me a car?” 
“No,” says Kevin’s mom, “You are too young to drive a car. This is dangerous.” 
“No,” says Kevin’s dad, “A car is very expensive. We can’t buy you a car now.” 
Kevin is very sad. He wants a car. [...] 
He decides to build one! He buys books and reads about the subject. He hangs around at the garage and watches the mechanics fix the cars. It is very interesting for him and he has a lot of fun. 
Finally, he starts building his own car! He tells his parents about it. His father doesn’t believe him. He says it’s too difficult. His mother says she is worried. She doesn’t want him to do anything dangerous.
After two months, Kevin invites his parents to see his creation. His parents are surprised! It is beautiful! It is red! It is shiny! It is a big toy sports car! 
Kevin can sit inside it and drive! 
Kevin’s parents are very happy and proud. Kevin’s dad says: “I was sure you can do it!”
Kevin’s mom says: “I was sure it was not dangerous!” 
Kevin smiles and drives away. 


  (CAEd) O objetivo desse texto é

(CAEd) De acordo com esse texto, a mãe de Kevin não queria comprar um carro para ele porque é

(CAEd) Nesse texto, a palavra “shiny” significa

Leia o texto e resolva às questões 8 – 10. 

 A Visit to the Water Park 

There is a new water park in town. We go there on the first day of summer. 
It has pools and water slides. There are sprinklers too. 
The slides are scary at first. After the first ride, we love the water slides. 
The sprinklers are cool on hot days. One of the pools makes its owns waves. All the kids try to surf the waves. It is really fun. 
The water park can be crowded. There are many kids and adults, but they do not allow pets. 
We really like the ice cream at the snack bar. They also sell pop and donuts. We all love the new water park.  


  (CAEd) O assunto desse texto é

(CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “After the first ride, we love the water slides.”, a palavra destacada tem o mesmo sentido de

(CAEd) De acordo com esse texto, no início, os escorregadores são

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