Quiz de Língua Inglesa (04) para os anos finais

Prova online (04) de Inglês de Interpretação de Texto para os anos finais.

É necessário resolver todas as questões para gerar o resultado. Boa sorte!

Quiz de Língua Inglesa

Exibir respostas somente após resolver todas as questões:

Leia o texto abaixo. 


(CAEd) Qual é a expressão desse texto que tem origem na Língua Inglesa?

Leia o texto e responda às questões 2 e 3. 


  (CAEd) O objetivo desse texto é

(CAEd) De acordo com esse texto, os adultos podem aproveitar o espaço

Leia o texto e responda às questões 4 e 5. 


Bells For Canine Couples In Peru Two days before Valentine’s Day, 40 couples dressed in gorgeous wedding gowns and black tuxedos tied the knot at a mass wedding ceremony in Peru’s capital, Lima. Not impressed? How about if we tell you that the brides and grooms3 were dogs? After the couples had professed or should we say “woofed” their love for each other, the district of San Miguel issued marriage certificates complete with paw prints to the proud, often teary-eyed, owners. According to the organizers, the fun event is meant to promote pet responsibility among the canine “parents.” As Miguel Gomez, whose pet was part of the ceremony, later said, “Now, all that’s left is for the two dogs to be together and that they will live happy forever.” 

 DOLASIA, Meera 

  (CAEd) Qual é o assunto desse texto?

(CAEd) Nesse texto, a palavra “fun” (2º parágrafo) significa

Leia o texto abaixo. 

 CLIMO, Liz. 2022

(CAEd) Entende-se desse texto que

Leia o texto e responda às questões 7 e 8. 

My daily routine 

    My name’s Julia, and I am 27 years old. I live in London but I’m German. I live with my boyfriend and we are very happy. I work in a bank and I love my job. 
     At 10:00 a.m., I sometimes have a snack and at 12:00 I usually have lunch at the office with my colleagues. They are wonderful people who have a good sense of humor, and they are good friends too. At 3:30 I have a snack again, I usually have some tea and biscuits. [...] 


  (CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “... I am 27 years old.” (1º parágrafo), a expressão destacada foi utilizada para

(CAEd) Esse texto tem o objetivo de

Leia o texto e responda às questões 9 e 10. 

 Tiny Todd the Turtle 

My turtle’s name is Tiny Todd.
He’s Tiny Todd the turtle. 
And Tiny Todd the turtle’s favorite 
game to play is Wordle. 

He has to guess a random word 
by typing on his phone. 
He’s never lost a single game. 
His record stands alone. 

He starts it every morning 
and he plays till late at night. 
It always takes him all day long
 to get the answer right. 

He tries to play it fast, and yet 
his pace is just a crawl, 
since Tiny Todd the turtle’s 
still a turtle after all. 


  (CAEd) Nesse texto, no verso “He tries to play it fast, and yet.” (4ª estrofe), a palavra destacada tem o sentido de

(CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “My turtle’s name is Tiny Todd.” (1ª estrofe), a palavra destacada foi utilizada para

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