Quiz de Língua Inglesa (03) para os anos finais

Prova online (03) de Inglês de Interpretação de Texto para os anos finais.

É necessário resolver todas as questões para gerar o resultado. Boa sorte!

Quiz de Língua Inglesa

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Leia o texto abaixo. 

 Group Project 

 Ms. Howard assigns a project. She wants the students to work in groups. Adam works with Joe and Bill. Adam is smart. Joe draws well. Bill is cooperative. They make a good group. They turn in their project. Ms. Howard likes it. She gives them a high grade. Adam, Joe, and Bill are joyful.


  (CAEd) De acordo com esse texto, Bill

(CAEd) Qual é o assunto desse texto?

Leia o texto abaixo. steemitimages.com 

  (CAEd) Esse texto foi escrito para

(CAEd) Nesse texto, no trecho “Eat Less Salt”, a palavra destacada significa

Leia o texto abaixo. 

 Types of magazines 

 There are a lot of different magazines. Some of them are about fashion. Some are about cinema stars and gossip. Some magazines are about video games. And there is a range of magazines about science. You can easily choose the magazine for you by looking at its cover. Gossip magazines usually have a colorful cover. Fashion magazines have a model or a designer photo on the cover. Science magazines look very plain. The only thing that magazines have in common is advertising. […]


(CAEd) Qual é o assunto desse texto?

Leia o texto abaixo. 


(CAEd) Esse texto trata

Leia o texto abaixo. 


(CAEd) Nesse texto, qual é a palavra que tem origem na Língua Inglesa?

Leia o texto abaixo. 

 A very tall building 

Last week my family and I visited Dubai. This city is famous for its incredible buildings. We stayed in one of the highest hotels in the World. Our room was on the 100th floor. There were large windows all around the room. So we could enjoy the view. It was both fantastic and scary at the same time. I could see the whole city and the ocean. The people below looked like ants. Most of all I liked the nights there. I could look at the stars in the sky. And they seemed so close. 


  (CAEd) No trecho “... on the 100th floor.”, a palavra em destaque significa

(CAEd) Qual é o assunto desse texto?

Leia o texto abaixo. 


(CAEd) Esse texto serve para

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