Atividade de inglês para o 6ºano, 7º ano, 8º ano e 9º ano.

Você pode baixar esta atividade em PDF no final, pronta para impressão.

Read the strip and answer questions 1 - 5:

1. The symbol that appears in the first box indicates:
a) music.       
b) speech.
c) dialogue.       
d) poem.

2. In the first and second box Jon is:
a) eating and drinking.
b) whistling and singing.
c) whistling and reading.
d) singing and eating.

3. In the last box, Garfield demonstrates:
a) anger.
b) pride.
c) joy.
d) irony.

4. A palavra “NOW” indica ideia de:
a) lugar.
b) posse.
c) tempo.
d) intensidade.

5. What activity was Garfiel invited to participate in?
a) Cycling.
b) Running.
c) Football.
d) Swimming.
Read the strip and answer questions 6 - 10:

6. It is possible to conclude that the story happens:
a) in the morning.
b) at noon.
c) at dawn.
d) at night.

7. What was there to eat?
a) Bread.
b) Fish.
c) Chicken.
d) Toast.

8. In the second box, Calvin reveals an expression of:
a) disgust.
b) fear.
c) anger.
d) joy.

9. According to Calvin's mother, the boy's face will be:
a) stopped.
b) hectic.
c) frozen.
d) injured.

10. The purpose of the text is to:
a) advertise.
b) have fun.
c) inform.
d) teach.

Atividade em PDF está mais abaixo, pronta para IMPRESSÃO e GABARITO.

1A / 2B / 3D / 4C / 5B / 6D / 7B / 8A / 9C / 10B

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