Read the text to answer questions 1 - 5:

Most people who come to the United States may already know a few things about the people through TV. Although this is of course a skewed reality some of the stereotypes are true, especially American friendliness and informality. People tend to not wait to be introduced, will begin to speak with strangers as they stand in a queue, sit next to each other at an event, etc. Visitors can often be surprised when people are so informal to the point of being very direct or even rude. 

1. The purpose of the text is
a) criticize Americans.
b) inform about Americans.
c) defend an idea.
d) tell a funny story.

2. According to the text, Americans are
a) friendly.
b) sad.
c) timid.
d) smiling.

3. According to the text, who can be surprised?
a) the strangers.
b) the Brazilians.
c) the visitors
d) the Americans.

4. According to text, Americans never:
a) sit beside a stranger.
b) wait to be introduced.
c) talk to a stranger.
d) go to new events.

5. A palavra abaixo do texto que exprime ideia de tempo é
a) sympathy.
b) while.
c) surprise.
d) point.

Read the text to answer questions 6 - 10:

Time is Money

The country that coined the phrase obviously lives the phrase. In America, time is a very important commodity. Americans ascribe personality characteristics and values based on how people use time. For example, people who are on-time are considered to be good people, reliable people who others can count on. 

6. Americans believe a person who is always on time is:
a) a rude person.
b) a bad person.
c) a good person.
d) a boring person.

7. Time is Money” means:
a) Being on time is very important.
b) Getting a lot of money is very important.
c) Good people are never on time.
d) Reliable people have a lot of money.

8. O tema do texto gira em torno do (a):
a) dinheiro.
b) tempo.
c) riqueza.
d) cultura.

9. According to the text, time is a very
a) necessary.
b) limited.
c) rejected.
d) important.

10. According to the text, the alternative below that does NOT have a characteristic of people is
a) punctual.
b) good.
c) brave.
d) reliable.

1B / 2A / 3C / 4B / 5B / 6C / 7B / 8C / 9D / 10C

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