Leia as frases e descubra a palavra que falta de acordo com o contexto:

1. My friend has ___________. She writes many secrets and stories in it.
a) a newspaper
b) a chronicle
c) a diary
d) a biography

2. This ___________ is amazing! It tells the story of two lovers.
a) autobiography
b) adventure
c) diary
d) novel

3. My mother likes to read Fernando Veríssimo's ________________. Their everyday stories are very good.
a) chronicles
b) reports
c) news
d) comic strip.

4. My uncle likes ___________ fairy. His favorites are: Peter Pan and Cinderela.
a) tales
b) novels
c) legend
d) daily

5. ______________ is a short text with images and dialogues. It always causes humor.
a) Poetry
b) Comic strip
c) News
d) Report

6. My mom makes delicious foods. He does it with the help of the book of ______________.
a) poetry
b) twine
c) images
d) recipe

7. I bought a wardrobe. I will assemble it with the help of the ___________ manual.
a) recipe
b) instruction
c) news
d) advertising

8. I listen to Roberto Carlos and Roberta Miranda. So I really like _______________.
a) short story
b) music
c) newspaper
d) announcement

9. My father received an ________________. He needs to access his computer to see.
a) short story
b) poem
c) email
d) comic strip

10. I like ___________________ stories, as they bring a lot of emotion and suspense.
a) horror
b) comedies
c) romance
d) joy

1C / 2D / 3A / 4A / 5B / 6D / 7B / 8B / 9C / 10A

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