Leia o texto para responder às questões 1 - 8:

Biography of Machado de Assis

He was born on June 21, 1839, in Morro do Livramento, a marginalized region of Rio de Janeiro. Poor, descendant of slaves, stutterer and epileptic, he left home at the age of 16, when he started working in newspapers in the capital of Rio de Janeiro as an apprentice typographer. At work, he met Manuel Antônio de Almeida, author of Memoirs of a Militia Sergeant. This professional partnership was of great influence for Machado, who has since continued to work for newspapers in various ways, where he had the opportunity to write chronicles, which began in the form of reviews of the Senate debates and, later, on customs of the time, which generated, over a 40-year career, more than 600 texts on 19th century carioca society.

Fonte: Uol

1. According to the text, Machado de Assis was NOT
a) poor.
b) stutterer.
c) descendants of slaves.
d) rich.

2. The age that Machado de Assis left home was to 
a) fifteen years.
b) sixteen years.
c) seventeen years.
d) eighteen years.

3. O primeiro emprego de Machado de Assis foi como
a) profissional.
b) autônomo.
c) aprendiz.
d) técnico.

4. The text is classified as
a) narrative.
b) argumentative.
c) injunctive.
d) news.

5. Manuel Antônio de Almeida was a
a) writer.
b) actor.
c) singer.
d) teacher.

6. Machado de Assis, working in newspapers, had the opportunity to write
a) poetry.
b) abstracts.
c) chronicles.
d) reports.

7.  The first subjects of the texts produced by Machado de Assis were about
a) politics.
b) police.
c) health.
d) literature.

8. Complete the missing words in the sentence according to the text:

"... over a ____________ year career, more than __________ texts on 19th century carioca society.

a) forty / five hundred
b) thirty / six hundred
c) forty / six hundred
d) fifty / six thousand

1D / 2B / 3C / 4A / 5A / 6C / 7A / 8C


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