1. Number the photos correctly.

1.  living room
2.  dining room
3.  bathroom
4.  bedroom
5.  kitchen
6.  garage

(   )
(   )
(   ) 
(   ) 
(   ) 
(   )

Observe a planta de uma casa e resolva as questões 2 e 3.

2. The option is true:
a) There are two garages in the house.
b) There are two kitchens in the house.
c) There are three bedrooms in the house.
d) The house has no living room.

3. The house plan does not have:
a) fourth.
b) swimming pool.
c) kitchen.
d) living room.

Read the text and answer the questions 4 - 6:

I am selling a house in the city center. It has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and an indoor play area. Interested parties, please contact Gustavo at 3456-9867. Very good price.

4. The text is a
a) announcement.
b) newspaper.
c) news.
d) ticket.

5. The text promotes the sale of
a) a store.
b) an apartment.
c) a house.
d) terrain.

6. The text presents the house with
a) 1 bathroom.
b) 2 kitchens.
c) 2 living rooms.
b) 3 bedrooms.

Read and resolve question.

My father called a plumber to fix the bathroom in our apartment. Finally I can now go to the bathroom very happy.

7. O texto fala sobre 
a) a cozinha da casa.
b) a cozinha do apartamento.
c) o banheiro da casa.
d) o banheiro do apartamento.

8. Which sentence best describes the picture?

a) It is a bathroom.
b) It is a laundry room.
c) It is a bedroom.
d) It is a living room.

9. O que o Marcos perguntou ao Paulo?

a) How much bedrooms are there in this house?
b) How many bedrooms there are in this house?
c) How much bedrooms is there in this house?
d) How many bedrooms are there in this house?

10) The image below is of

a) a room.
b) a bathroom.
c) a kitchen.
d) a living room.
1(4/6/3/1/5/2) / 2C / 3B / 4A / 5C / 6D / 7D / 8C / 9D / 10C 


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