Atividade de inglês de leitura e interpretação. 

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Leia o texto abaixo para responder as questões:

Renato Russo was born in Rio de Janeiro, on March 27, 1960. His real name was Renato Manfredini Jr. He was a Brazilian singer and songwriter. His first band was a punk rock band called "Aborto Elétrico". It then finished and its members formed two new bands: "Capital Inicial" and "Legião Urbana". Renato Russo was the leader of Legião Urbana. He was the most important composer of Brazilian rock. He died on October 11, 1996, because of complications caused by AIDS.

1. The genre of the text is
a) the news.
b) chronic.
c) biography.
d) report.

2. The text you read is intended to
a) talk about someone's life.
b) advertise an advertisement.
c) sell a product.
d) report a news item.

3. Complete a frase corretamente de acordo com o texto:

Renato Russo was ___________ years old when he died.

a) sixty
b) fifty-one
c) eleven
d) thirty-six

4. Complete a frase corretamente de acordo com o texto:

Aborto Elétrico” was the name of his ___________ band. 

a) first
b) second
c) third
d) last

5. Renato Russo was
a) the leader of the Urban Legion
b) secondary singer of the Urban Legion.
c) actor of the Urban Legion.
d) nurse of the Urban Legion.

6. Complete de acordo com o texto:

Renato Russo’s ___________ name was Renato Manfredini Jr.

a) brother’s
b) friend’s
c) family
d) real

7. According to the text, Renato Russo was a songwriter
a) important.
b) popular.
c) religious.
d) dedicated.

8. The cause of his death was
a) accident.
b) cancer.
c) AIDS.
d) murder.

9. According to the text, Renato Russo's main musical style was
a) fank.
b) pop.
c) rock.
d) gospel.

10. The month of Renato Russo's death is
a) October.
b) May.
c) March.
d) November.

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1C / 2A / 3D / 4A / 5A / 6D / 7A / 8C / 9C / 10A

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