Leia o texto para responder as questões:

The lion and the mouse
A lion, tired of hunting, slept stretched out under the good shade of a tree. Mice came strolling over him and he woke up. Everyone managed to escape, except one, which the lion trapped under his paw. Both the mouse asked and begged that the lion gave up on crushing him and let him go. Some time later the lion was trapped in a hunters' net. Failing to let go, he made the entire forest tremble with his roars of rage. At that, the mouse appeared, and with its sharp teeth he gnawed at the ropes and released the lion.
Moral: One good deed wins another.

1. The gender of the text is
a) fable.
b) news.
c) poem.
d) chronic.

2. The lion, after hunting, was
a) cheerful.
b) happy.
c) sad.
d) tired.

3. The lion slept under
a) a hut.
b) a building.
c) a bridge.
d) a tree.

4. Who woke the lion?
a) Cats.
b) The dogs.
c) The rats.
d) A snake.

5. The hunters managed to catch the lion through
a) a network.
b) a hole.
c) a rope.
d) a weapon.

6. The lion managed to awaken the forest through his
a) howling.
b) teeth.
c) fingers.
d) singing.

7. The lion was saved by
a) cat.
b) calf.
c) rat.
d) tiger.

8. The text brings the reader
a) a doubt.
b) a reflection.
c) an order.
d) an appeal.

1A / 2D / 3D / 4C / 5A / 6A / 7C / 8B

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