Leia o texto abaixo para responder as próximas questões:

Karen: Hi, Bruno. What’s up?
Bruno: Hey, Karen, let’s go to the movies tonight.
Karen: Sorry, I can’t. I have to help my mother with the housework.
Bruno: Oh, that’s a shame. Nadya, let’s go to the movies. I want to see Thor.
Nadya: Sure. I love super heroes. What time does the movie start?
Bruno:  It starts at six o’clock.
Nadya: Cool! Let’s meet in front of the zoo at five.
Bruno: Okay. See you there.

1. The genre of the text is
a) biography.
b) dialogue.
c) letter.
d) ticket.

2. Who agrees to go to the movies with Bruno?
a) Karen.
b) Thor.
c) Nadya.
d) His mother.

3. Karen can’t go to the movies because she has to
a) go to the zoo.
b) watch a DVD.
c) meet Nadya.
d) help her mother.

4. The cinema will happen
a) at noon.
b) at night.
c) in the morning.
d) at the end of the afternoon.

5. What time does the movie start?
a) At five.
b) At six.
c) At ten.
d) At two.

6. Where do they agree to meet?
a) At home.
b) In front of the movies.
c) In front of the zoo.
d) At school.

7. Nadya ama
a) teatro.
b) cinema.
c) super-heróis.
d) dança.

8. "Sorry" foi um pedido de
a) licença. 
b) desculpas.
c) atenção.
d) oportunidade para falar.

9. Complete a frase corretamente de acordo com a resposta de Rose:

Levi: ________ do you have breakfast?
Rose: At about 6:30

a) What.
b) What time
c) Where
d) How are you

10. Leia a frase e responda qual resposta combina com a pergunta:

Where do you play soccer?

a) At school. B On Mondays. C At three o’clock. D I go dancing.

1B / 2C / 3D / 4B / 5B / 6C / 7C / 8B / 9B / 10A


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