1. They are the baby's ...
a) brothers.
b) grandparents.
c) parents.
d) sisters.

Observe a imagem e tente descobrir o que completa a frase:

2. What is the best answer to complete the sentence? 
a) grandmother.
b) grandma.
c) mom.
d) sister.

Choose the best word to complete the sentence:

3. They are Marco's 
a) grandfather.
b) grandma. 
c) grandparents.
d) parents.

Leia o texto e resolva às questões 4 - 10:

Hello, how are you? I would like to introduce my family to you. My name is Levi, I am 8 years old and I live with my father, mother and my 3 year old brother. My mother is pregnant and will have a baby, her name will be Marina. I love to play with my soccer cousins. At my grandmother's house, I play video games. My best friend is Allen.

4. The narrator is presented
a) your home.
b) your family.
c) your friends.
d) your toys.

5. Who tells your story is
a) the Marina.
b) Levi.
c) Allen.
d) the mother.

6. According to the text, Marina is
a) a baby.
b) his brother.
c) your grandmother.
d) your mother.

7. The narrator of the text likes to play with
a)  your brothers.
b) Your family.
c) your cousins.
d) your friends.

8. The genre of the text is
a) advertising.
b) comic strip.
c) autobiography
d) biography.

9. Where does Levi play video games?
a) Na casa de sua mãe.
b) Na locadora.
c) Na casa de seus primos.
d) Na casa de sua avó. 

10. Levi's brother's age is
a) three years old.
b) four years old.
c) seven years old.
d) eight years old.

1C / 2D / 3C / 4B / 5B / 6A / 7C / 8C / 9D / 10A

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