Read the text below to answer the next 6 (six) questions:


Pelé was born in 1940. He was a Brazilian soccer player. He is known as King Pelé, enchanted the world with his dribbles and passes. He worked as World Soccer Ambassador. He was elected the “Athlete of the Century”. He led the Santos Football Club, where he worked for two decades, more fortunate than forty bowls. He was top scorer of the Paulista championship, won the title 11 times, where 9 were consecutive. He was top scorer of the Libertadores, the Brazil Cup and the Rio São Paulo Tournament. He made his debut in the Brazilian National Team with only 17 years, incomplete, from 1971. He played in the New York Cosmos from 1975 to 1977. He was Sports Minister between 1995 and 1998. He won titles in several parts of the world.

1ª) The text talks about Pelé, what was his main occupation?

a) Education Minister
b) Soccer Player.
c) President.
d) Engineer.
e) Athlete of the Century.

2ª) How did he become known?
a) Soccer Player.
b) top scorer.
c) World Soccer Ambassador.
d) King Pelé.
e) Athlete of the Century.

3ª) Pele was elected as
a) Athlete of the Century.
b) top scorer.
c) Brazilian soccer player.
d) Sports Minister.
e) Brazil Cup.

4ª) Pelé charmed the world with his

a) life of dedication.
b) dribbles and passes.
c) top scorer of the Paulista championship.
d) Sports Minister.
e) plays and touches.

5ª)  How many bowls did Santos Football Club win?
a) Eleven. 
b) Twenty.
c) Fifty.
d) One hundred.
e) Forty.

6ª) What was he in 1995-1998?
a) Top scorer.
b) Ambassador.
c) Sports Minister.
d) Soccer player.
e) Athlete of the Century. 

1B / 2D / 3A / 4B / 5E / 6C

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